Brand new nomnomTime!

So I’ve finally gone and updated this site after a long time of ignoring everything that was broken. If you haven’t noticed, the site has a brand new theme and actual functionality to go along with it!

We hope that now you’ll send us your best noms in addition to loving and sharing ours. Be sure to register for an account so that you can easily submit a recipe to us. There are quality standards that must be followed for us to post a new recipe and yes, I know that those standards aren’t displayed anywhere, but I’ll eventually get to them, I promise! Just know that great photography and great detail makes all of the different. Also, don’t worry if you aren’t the best photographer in the world. If you’d like to submit a recipe to us and have us recreate and take photographs instead, just let us know. We love cooking and want to try everything we can. We’ll still give credit to you though so don’t worry about that.

Eventually, I’d love to have some contests on the site once we get everything fleshed out but for now please enjoy what we have. If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to drop us a line at